Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is almost mid-spring and the weather in so. California feels like it. Tomorrow is also the last day of National Poetry Month. That said, I am bidding the month of April goodbye and welcoming the month of May, the month of wedding preparation, with two of my poems.

(Shakespearean sonnet)

The only rock so big with gorgeous top;
Looks like a lion roaring at the sky.
Those naked grass and shrubs in their long nap,
Made desert dry and boring to the eye.

The climate changed; the aura turned around.
I looked below and saw gold carpeting.
Green shrubs throughout and life was on the ground,
So pretty all around; it’s now mid-spring.

Reality sank in; I knew in full.
I was the best before, but now no more.
Those withered plants now green and colorful
Ah, spring, you changed my thought who to adore.

Just one of them, the best that I can claim,
My time is up and now their turn for fame.

(c) edmund melig industan, 2009

I wrote this sonnet to appreciate the green shrubs and desert blooms, that I failed to look at my favorite boulder of rock proudly sitting atop the mountain, as we drove back from Las Vegas, Nevada to Pasadena. Ah! man is like that rock. He doesn't always get the adulation. All man can do is to stay focus and firm. Soon, season will turn again in full circle.

And for those preparing to march down the aisle before the end of spring, here is one of the wedding haiku verses in my gift book, PRAISING ALL SEASONS LONG (Comfort Publishing, 2009).

Marching day and night
White gowns and candle lights
Praise God! He is love.

Take care now, guys.

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